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CYBERJUMP trambulin park
spans over an area of more than 1400 square meters. With its slick cyber-theme design and a choice of challenging elements it attracts youngsters from a somewhat older age group than usual for trampoline parks.

The park is packed with interesting features: a ninja course, interactive games, versatile jumping options into foam pit and airbag, climbing wall, high performance trampolines, slack line, battle beam, dodgeball, basketball and free-jump area make sure that anyone can spend a great day of leisure and fun at Cyberjump.

Ninja Warrior System

We designed the ninja course to include 3 tracks with 9 versatile types of obstacles providing different levels of difficulty. The course encourages kids to climb, hang, swing, jump and put to the test their agility of hands and legs, as well as their speed, balance and strength. 

To make things even more exciting, the Ninja Timer allows youngsters to compete against each other, or against the clock.

Interactive Wall

This attractive game engages two players or teams to compete against each other by pushing buttons on the wall that illuminate in random order. Results are displayed on a score board. In addition to the healthy work out the challenge tests speed and hand-eye coordination and adds extra excitement to the overall offer of the park. From a design perspective the game offers creative ways of integrating colourful graphics that further empowers the theme of the park.


Slick Design

Cyberjump is not only packed with action, but also beautifully arranged all through, thanks to the architect which was contracted for the project. The jump boxes, ninja course pillars, walk-the-wall and other elements were produced from materials printed with cyber graphics and logos. The general theme comes to live through a thoughtful combination of colours which is evident all around the park.
Take the 360° tour of the park

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 "I already operate two indoor playgrounds and have experience with various suppliers. Akrobat proved to be a fair and reliable partner. They delivered and installed the park on time and the quality delivered is fully in line with other European suppliers, but at a more competitive price. The park has proven to be a huge success straight from the opening, allowing me to jump straight into designing the new extension of Cyberjump with Akrobat."
Stefan Fritsch, owner of Elevenpark Kft.
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